Dirty Fuse - Evolution (Performed Live at Sesc Consolação on 29/01/2018). Taken from Back to Brazil 7" Vinyl released by Dirty Fuse/Ikaros Records Nov.2015.

Dirty Fuse - Junkie`s pain (Official Video) Taken from Surfbetika! 10" Vinyl released by Green Cookie Records Sept.2013. Original song O ponos tou prezakia by Anestis Delias 1936, Ο πόνος του πρεζάκια (Ανέστης Δελιάς) 1936. Credits: Camera by George Koproskylos, Babis Michalopoulos, Theodoros Xydas. Edited by Babis Michalopoulos Directed by Babis Michalopoulos and Dirty Fuse. Live footage from Dirty Fuse live apearances at SIX DOGS, Myrovolos Anoixis and Anairesis Festival 2014

Dirty Fuse perform live: Why don`t you tell us(Και γιατί δε μας το λες, Surfbetika 2013) & Pipeline (Org. byThe Chantays 1962) with lead instrument, greek djura...

DIRTY FUSE performing live @ An Club On Jan 13 2012 Surfin` Bahia taken from Dirty Fuse CD.

Dirty Fuse perform live "Oasi" taken from "last wave" at Kyttaro Live club Oct.3rd 2015 last wave release show. www.dirtyfuse.com Director: Elpida Vikatou Camera: Elpida Vikatou, Leonidas Tzortzakis

DIRTY FUSE perform Live Why I smoke cocaine(Surfbetika 2013, Original by Panos Toundas Γιατί φουμάρω κοκαίνη - Πάνος Τούντας) @ North Sea Surf Festival(Melkweg - Amsterdam Sept.20th 2014)

Surf Lady by DIRTY FUSE on documentary "Welcome to the Show"

DIRTY FUSE performing LIVE at Surfer Joe festival Jun 23 2012 Livorno (IT) Why Don`t you tell us Lost Riders... The Tzouras sessisons !!!

Dirty Fuse on YouTube